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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recommended reading list for Acadian Genealogy

I was asked to compile a one page reading list to be used as a hand out for those interested in Acadian Genealogy Research. Narrowing down the many available resources to a single page proved to be a challenge. The final list is my 'best guess' for what most beginning family historians will find useful in what can be a difficult area to research.

The chosen books are from the more than 350 available in the Acadian section of the American-French Genealogical Society (AFGS). Wanting to reach the broadest audience, I decided to leave biographies, family books, church histories, and periodicals off of the list.

Some of the books are written in French. An inexpensive French-English dictionary usually provides enough information for a fair translation. As with most genealogy reference books, it is a good idea to read the introduction and explanatory notes before trying to decipher the abbreviations and codes used by the author.

Microfilm copies of many original records are available at the library for those needing primary source material.
Recommended reading list of Acadian resources available at the American-French Genealogical Society (AFGS) library:
Bold print indicates the best available source to date.


“Finding your Acadian Ancestors…”                                      ACA 347
By Léa Normandeau-Jones                                                    Published: 2001

“Les Mariages Acadien du Québec”                                       ACA 001, ACA 152, ACA 153
By Albert Ledoux                                                                    Published: 1978

The “Acadian Descendants” series                                        ACA 003, ACA 029, ACA 036, ACA 037, ACA 038, ACA 039, ACA 101
By Janet Jehn                                                                         Published: 1984

“Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens”                                   ACA 016
By Bona Arsenault                                                                  Published:1955, republished: 1978

“Corrections & Additions to Arsenault’s                
 Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens                                 ACA 033
By Janet Jehn                                                                         Published: 1988

“Acadian Church Records”                                                     ACA 031                 1679-1757
By Winston DeVille                                                                  Published: 1964

“Acadian Church Records”                                                     ACA 028    Port Royal  - Vol. 4 1716-1729, Vol. 5 1730-1740
By David Reider & Norma Gaudet Reider                                Published: 1983

“Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes”               ACA 242, ACA 243      2 Volumes 1636-1714
By Stephen White                                                                                Published: 1999

“English supplement to the Dictionnaire
généalogique des familles acadiennes                         ACA 243A
By Stephen White                                                                 Published: 2000

New Brunswick Parish Repertoires:                                      ACA 269 – ACA 274
By Lois (LeBlanc) Graham

Barachois & Saint Anselme                                                    1812-1870
Grand Digue & Scoudouc                                                       1800-1875
Shemogue (Cap-Pelé)                                                             1812-1899
Memramcook                                                                           1806-1870
Cocagne                                                                                  1800-1870
Bouctouche                                                                             1800-1870

If your ancestors were exiled to Massachusetts Bay Colony during Le Grand Dérangement

“An Index of the French Neutrals of Massachusetts, 1755-1766”                                         ACA 124
Extracted by Elaine Comeau                                                                                                   Published: 2003

“Documents Concerning Acadian Deportées in Massachusetts Towns, 1755-1766”           ACA 339, ACA 340
By Paul Cyr                                                                                                                             Published: 2005

Microfilm copies of the original documents are available at the library.


“Scattered to the Wind – Dispersal and Wanderings of the Acadians, 1755-1809”              ACA 160
By Carl Brasseaux                                                                                                                  Brief History, 70 pages

“The Acadians of the Maritimes”                                                                                             ACA 162
By Jean Daigle                                                                                                                        Published: 1982

“The Acadians of Québec”                                                                                                     ACA 266
By Pierre-Maurice Hébert, Translated by Rev. Melvin Surette                                                Published: 2002

“A Great and Noble Scheme”                                                                                           ACA 333
By John Mack Faragher                                                                                                      Published: 2005
This is an in-depth look at Acadian History.

The library has over 350 books in the Acadian Section. This list is far from complete, but should help get you started.


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