Click the flag to hear the Acadian anthem

Click the flag to hear the Acadian anthem
Fier d'être acadien - Proud to be acadian

Friday, August 12, 2011

Monday is National Acadian Day

August 15 is National Acadian Day. 
This National Feast Day was chosen during the first Convention of Acadians in Memramcook, New Brunswick June 20-21, 1881. About 5,000 people attended the convention. This particular day was chosen to coincide with the celebration of Our Lady of Assumption. By January, 1938, Pope Pius XI proclaimed, "Our Lady of the Assumption" as the Patroness of all Acadians.

Statue of "Our Lady of Assumption"   
The holiday is today is celebrated throughout Atlantic Canada. The largest celebration is usually the Tintamarre held in Caraquet, New Brunswick, CAN. 

A Tintamarre is a traditional parade through Acadian communities with noise makers and instruments. It demonstrates unity and strength of the people. It also lets the world know that Acadians are still here.

The holiday is also celebrated in Louisiana by Cajuns.

Even the smallest communities recognize it as a significant event. See the article below from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CAN.

If you want to keep your neighbors guessing and feel an inner pride, fly an Acadian flag August 15th.

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Fier d'être acadien - Proud to be acadian!

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