Click the flag to hear the Acadian anthem

Click the flag to hear the Acadian anthem
Fier d'être acadien - Proud to be acadian

Monday, July 18, 2011

Le village historique Acadien -- The Acadian Historic Village, Caraquet, NB

I’m sure many of you have been to Old Sturbridge Village or Plimouth Plantation. There is a similar living history museum in northern New Brunswick, Canada. If you thought understanding the Olde English at Plimouth was difficult, imagine the ancient French spoken by the Acadian role players in this village.

The link below is video tour of the various buildings and actors showcasing their crafts.

It’s about 10 minutes long.
The music:
Le monde a bien changé by the group 1755.
La vielle bross en Acadie by the group Suroît.
Le jardinière du couvent by the group 1755.

The official web site of the Village is below:

s’amuser – have fun!

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